ISEC(ISE Card) is your strategic business partner.

Interested in becoming an ISEC authorized issuing agent?

ISEC(ISE Card) provides our issuing agents with everything they need to issue high-quality, professional looking International Student, Youth or Faculty Identification cards right in their offices.

However, only a select few companies and people will qualify to become an Authorized Sales Agent. You must be involved in international or youth travel or study abroad or exchange programs to acquire the right to issue ISEC products.

The agent has the responsibility to verify whether an applicant is a student, youth or faculty, so having high morality and trust is important. The agent needs to reject some unqualified applicants, abide by the rules of ISEC and proceed with correct issuing process.

Before applying to be an authorized ISEC issuing agent, please keep in mind the principles listed above and make sure you are ready to comply with the rules and regulations.

If you are interested in becoming an ISEC(ISE Card) issuing agent, let us know via or apply online. Our legal team will review your applications with fair and ethical standards.

Once approved, you will sign the contract with ISEC and pay deposit. You will also get an ISEC Issuing System (IIS) account which will allow you to control your inventory and members. This procedure takes about one week.

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