Travel Story and Testimonials

This travel story came from some of ISECard holders who traveled in Europe , USA and South America. It will help students and young people understand how ISECard(ISEC) works when traveling.

Vizcaya Museum and Gardens ISEC discounts

USA Work program in 2018 and 2019

I carried my debit card and ISE student id card wherever I went!
ISEC worked well for id card function in supermarket, bar or getting Pay Check.  It was very convenient to carry ISEC and it reduced the risk of my passport lost.

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ISEC student discounts in New York

USA New York Experience

While I was preparing for a trip to New York, I was told to bring my international student ID and I applied right away. There were two types of international student ID cards, ISIC and ISEC, but I applied to ISEC because I heard ISEC was more helpful for traveling to the U.S.– Ms. Seo, Seoul National University

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ISEC student discounts in Eastern Europe

Eastern Europe Travel Experience

In fact, when I went to the United States before my trip to Europe, I took a card other than the ISEC card, but I didn't benefit from it. So, after about a year, when I was planning a trip to Europe, I ordered ISE Card and almost used ISE mobile card rather than the physical card. - Ms. Park, Inje University

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ISEC experience during USA WEST program

ISEC experience during USA WEST program 

Thanks to the ISEC international student card, I was able to save a lot of money. What was particularly useful to me was that ISEC was recognized as ID card in many plac - Ms. Kim, Chung-Ang University

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ISEC Discounts in Europe

Western Europe Discounts

When I heard that there are many student discounts in Portugal as well as in Paris, I thought I would need an international student ID card. However, there was doubt about how much discount they could get, not the cheap price of issuing fee. - Ms. Seo, Kyungpook National University

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Machu Picchu student discount

South America Experience

This is a 38 day travel review from January 17th to February 24th, 2018 with ISEC. I traveled to New York for 38 days, four countries in South America, and Spain. I'd like to inform you of the benefits of your ISEC student ID card. - Ms. Park, Chosun University

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ISEC discounts in LA

LA travel story

ISEC acts as an ID, so you need to get it issued even if you are not interested in museum discounts. Because there is a big risk to carry a passport all the time. - Mr. Eom, Sogang University

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Those who submitted the above customer experience received financial rewards from us, including a free ISEC coupon, travel guidebook, SIM card, and so on.