How to order ISE Cards

How to order ISE Cards

First-Time Buyer Guides

1.  Select a card type and validity

Select the card and expiration date that matches your issuance qualification for the International Student/Youth/facutly Card.

This is the step for creating an ISE mobile card.

2. Preparation of required documents

If you are a student, you have to prepare a face photo, id card copy and school document.If you are not student but under 26 years old, just prepare for a face photo, id card copy

If you are a teacher, lecturer or professor,  you have to prepare a face photo, id card copy and school document.

3. Select issuance method

You can use online order if you want to get ISE Card at home or visit the nearest ISEC issuing agents around the world. If you have free coupon, please register it via online.

4. Complete card issuance


About Covid-19 Pendamic

Due to Covid-19 pendamic around the world, ISEC temporarily has stopped online order and ISE mobile card system until the the environment will be improved.

The travel industry has been in a severe slump due to the Covid-19 pendamic, and our company is also having difficulty operating the system and management. As a result, we had no choice but to stop the above service, and if Covid-19 situation improves in the future, we will proceed again.

Also, we are updating website and it will be launched on 01 Feb 2021.

We'd appreciate your understanding and we hope we can see you soon.


Ask A Question

Please provide a detailed description of the question or information request. We endeavour to answer all enquiries within 48 hours on business days.

Phone: +82-1688-5578

Address: ISEC #3001 Trade Tower, 511 Yeongdong-daero, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, 06164, Rep. of KOREA

ISEC do not issue ISE Card at the above office.
Please go to issuing agent if you want to get the card within the day.

We are open from 10am — 4pm week days.