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At ISEC, our mission is to provide students, youths and the teachers who care for them, an identification card that will help them save money, stay connected, and be safe while exploring the world.


Student ID Card, ISE Card(ISEC)

ISEC(ISE Card) is an internationally recognized student ID card that qualifies you for special discounts and benefits worldwide. Since 1987 a lot of international student and youth travelers got many student discounts at museums, attractions and transportation around the world.

Card price: US$15 for a year | US$28 for two years
* Shipping fee will be added when you use online order.

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Combined Student ID Card

ISE Combined card is must-have item for student travel. It gives you both Internationally recognized student card function and financial services. With an ISE combined card, you can access various discounts around the world as well.

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Youth ID Card, IYEC

IYEC is an internationally recognized youth ID card that qualifies you for special discounts and benefits worldwide.

Card price: US$15 for a year | US$28 for two years
* Shipping fee will be added when you use online order.

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Various functions and benefits

Global Recognition

ISEC(ISE Card) has gained popularity and credibility because of our enhanced security features and strict verification process. We have worked hard to build an impeccable reputation in the international community, enabling you to enjoy maximum benefits as an international traveler.

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Reduce the risk of your passport lost

ISE Cards will reduce the risk of your passport lost. It will be used to prove your age, especially when you drink beer and so sometimes it functions as your passport.

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Worldwide Discounts & Benefits

ISE Cardholders get various student and youth discounts at famous attractions, museums, gelleries or tour program. Always present your ISE Card when you visit them to get discounts and to increase your savings.

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Worldwide student and youth discounts

* Discount offers are subject to change or cancellation and may be changed or discontinued without notice.



- Sass & Belle(Shop): 10% off
- The Original Tour London: SPECIAL ISE CARD OFFER  save £4!
- Major attraction(London Cabaret Club, Tower of London...) student price



- Musée d’Orsay: €3(under 26 years old)
- Effel Tower: €5 off(Student & youth aged 12-24)
- Arc de triomphe: €3 off(18~25 years old)
- Major attraction(Tour Montparnasse, The Conciergerie...): youth(under 26 years old) discounts



- Sagrada Familia: €2 off for youth and students
- Pablo Picasso. New Collection: €1.5 off for students under 26
- Major attraction student or youth price



- MOCA Grand: $7 off(Student)
- Griffith Observatory(Samuel Oschin Planetarium Tickets): $2 off(Student)
- LACMA(Los Angeles County Museum of Art): $4 off(Student)
- Major attraction student price


New York

- MoMA(The Museum of Modern Art): $11 off(Student)
- The Met(The Metropolitan Museum of Art): $13 off(Student)
- Brooklyn Museum: $6 off(Student)
- Major attraction student price



- ROM(Royal Ontario Museum): $3.50 off for student
- AGO(Art Gallery of Ontario): $7.50 off for STUDENTS (FULL TIME WITH VALID ID)
- Colborne Lodge, Fort York National Historic Site, Gibson House Museum, Mackenzie House, Market Gallery, Montgomery’s Inn Museum, Spadina Museum: $1 off for Youth (13-18 years)



- Australian Railways: 40% off for ISEC full-time students
- Australia Zoo: $12 off for one student entry only
- Greyhound Pioneer: 10~15% off for student



- Alamo Rent-A-Car: Save up to 15% off car rentals
- Avis Car Rental: Up to 20% Discounts
- National Car Rental: up to 20% discounts
- Korea: 40% off Exchange rate at Woori Bank


South America

- Desierto de Atacama: 500 peso D/C
- Machupicchu: $20 D/C for students under 26 years old

ISE Cardholders' Travel Stories

ISEC Prague discounts
From Jan to Feb in Prague, Czech(2019)
My Mom recommended ISE Card.

My mother asked recommended to order ISE Card for my international student ID card, and it was useful in many ways when traveling in Prague! From Prague Castle to Franz Kafka Museum, I got alomost 50% student discount with ISE Card.

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ISEC Paris discounts
France travel in 2018
ISEC Paris discounts

I was worried about my first Europe travel but I could save my budget with ISEC which gave me students discounts in Triumphal Arch, Musée d'Orsay and so on.

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USA student discounts
USA Work program in 2018 and 2019
I carried my debit card and ISE student id card wherever I went!

ISEC worked well for id card function in supermarket, bar or getting Pay Check.  It was very convenient to carry ISEC and it reduced the risk of my passport lost.

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From 24 Dec, 2017 to 3 Jan 2018
Europe Travel Companion, ISE Student ID Card

One of my friend introduces ISE Card student discount and I got many student discounts in Paris and Portugal.

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From Dec 2017 to Jul 2018
USA student discount with ISE Student ID Card

ISECard was used like a passport to prove my age as well as student discounts.

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on Jul 2018
New York Discounts

I got student discounts when I showed ISE Card at ticket office.

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From 17 Jan 2018 to 24 Feb 2018
South America and Spain Travel Story

38 days travel stories in New York, South America and Spain. The longer the trip, the more discounts were available for ISE Card.
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19 Jan - 12 Feb 2018
Must have item to travel Werstern USA

If you plan to travel western USA, you have to buy ISE Card. It reduced the risk of my passport lost and gave me some student discounts.
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Dec 2017
ISECard will reduce student traveler's budget

I was university student and my traveler budget was tight but ISE Card helped me to travel in Europe economically.
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