International ID Card for Faculty

More than a faculty id card

You can prove your identity with ISE faculty id card in many countries around the world and get special faculty discounts. Also, you will get additional benefits such as free sim card.

For example, you can buy cheap tickets, eurailpasses via ISEC affiliates before travel and make a reservation for shared room or house through homestay. When traveling, you will get faculty discounts of famous attraction and museums in Europe. It will also reduce the risk of your passport lost.

※ Card Price: US$15.00 for 1 year

International ID Card for Faculty

Global Recognition

ISE Faculty ID Card has gained popularity and credibility because of our enhanced security features and strict verification process. We have worked hard to build an impeccable reputation in the international community, enabling you to enjoy maximum benefits as an international faculty traveler.

Mobile International ID Card for Faculty

Reduce the risk of your passport lost

ISE Cards will reduce the risk of your passport lost. It will be used to prove your age, especially when you drink beer and so sometimes it functions as your passport.

Worldwide Discounts

Worldwide Discounts

You will get thousands of faculty discounts when you travel in Australia, Europe, Africa, and America. Search our discount database to find discounts worldwide, and because we also use Google Maps, you can get driving directions or use the walking map for wherever you want to go. You also get unexpected discounts when you show your card.

※ Don't forget to present your ISE faculty card always!

Card order

Card order for new customer, re-issue order when you lose your card, renewal of your card.

New order

Become ISE Card member to get various discounts and benefits.

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Reissue ISE Card if you lose your physical card.

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If your ISECard is expired, don't forget to renew it. You will get 20% discounts when you renew the card.

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Please use this order if you have free or gift coupon.

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Get free faculty id card

Get the free card opportunity! You will get free faculty id card if you send us your travel story about ISE faculty id card. It will be a good guide to the next traveler.

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Eligibility requirements and submission documents for ISE faculty ID Card.

You have to upload submission files when you use online order. Or visit issuing office with following documents.

  • Face photo

    Face photo for ISE faculty ID Card

    Face photo

    The photo will display on your ISECard and it should be an accurate representation of you. Choose a photo with a clear face shot with no obstructions like hats or sunglasses. A passport or school photo works well. (jpg or bmp image file | minimum 150 dpi resolution)

    * Notice: Don't use the face photo wearing sunglasses or a hat, or displaying a finger. Png, jpg or bmp image file will be suitable.

  • Proof of age

    Proof of age

    Proof of age

    This can be a copy of your driver’s license, state ID or passport. But the passport copy will be prefect document for the proof of your age, nationality and DOB(Date of Birth).

    * Your proof of age document will be deleted from our server after checking your status.

  • message

    Proof of employment

    Proof of employment

    Proof of employment

    A copy of proof of employment within 3 months

  • check_circle




    If you are a teacher(professor) for arts(music, painting...), arts letter will be added on your card to get more benefits in Europe.

    * All documents must be in English.

    * All documents are valid within three months.

Card price and How to pay via Paypal

You can order via online and Paypal payment.
Or visit issuing office with submission documents.

# Shipping fee

Shipping fee will be added when you use online order. If you are in a hurry, please visit at our authorized issuing agents.


1 Year


Shipping fee will be added when you use online order.

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  • Global Recognition
  • Worldwide Discounts
  • Reduce the risk of your passport lost

Testimonials from ISE faculty id Cardholders

  • Image

    I have been using the ISE Faculty Card in my travels to other countries for several years now. It has enabled me to obtain terrific savings by simply asking vendors if they have any discounts for student faculty members.

    USA, Professor
  • Image

    Last July, one souvenir shop in downtown London gave me 15% off my purchase and on another trip to Germany a restaurant in Düsseldorf provided 20% off my dinner bill. Thank you for providing a terrific service!

    USA, Professor

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

  • My travel plan was canceled. May I get refund of card fee?

    Cancellation fees and refund policy

    1. If the card order is completed but the payment isn't made, you can cancel it anytime or ISEC will cancel your order when the submission documents are not correct or the payment are not arrived within 48 hours after the order is completed.

    2. If the card order and payment are made but you cancel your order before ISE Card isn't printed, we charge you US$2.00 for processing and canceling fee.

    3. If the card order and payment is made but your submission documents are not correct, we cancel your order and charge you US$5.00 for processing and handling fee.

    4. If the card order is completed and ISE Card is printed, you can't cancel your order. ISE Card fee is NON-refundable after generating card number(control No.).

    # Notice: Please be sure to check ISE Card's cancellation fee and refund policy.

  • Can I change the face picture that's in the card?

    Yes, it is possible.

    But the reissue fee(US$8.00) plus shipping fee($2.00 ~ $25.00) will be charged.

    1. What is a reissue?: A reissue is a face photo, a name or date of birth change on your ISE Card. But the validity is not changed and it is the same as at the time of purchase.

    2.Re-issue fee: US$8.00

    3. How to pay: Go to ISEC Paypal account( and send us re-issue fee.

    4. Hot to reissue: Please check re-issue menu.

  • Should the English name on the card be the same as the passport name?

    Yes, it must be the same. 

    Although it varies between affiliates, sometimes they check English name and DOB of ISE Card with your passport, especially in Vatican. 

  • I am 30 years old but I am not a student. Is it possible to get IYEC?

    No. If you are over 26 years old, you can't buy IYEC.

    Even if your card is still valid, you won't be able to get discounts and benefit when your age exceed 26 years old.

  • I lost my ISE Card while I was traveling. Is it possible to reissue it?

    If you lose your ISECard when traveling, please use ISE mobile card. ISE mobile card is accepted in Europe, Australia and USA.

    If you want to re-issue a physical card , go to re-issue order.

  • Can I enter my work name on my international youth card?

    Yes, just in case that you send us your proof of employment.

    We will leave blank if you do not upload or submit it.

  • How do I use my card?

    Just show your ISE Card when you buy admission ticket at major attraction or museums. You will get student(or youth) discounts if there is student(youth) fare.

    When traveling, You will get student(or youth) fare if there is student(youth) discounts. The payment will be made by cash or debit(credit) card.

    Before travel or visiting attractions, you can get special discounts using ISECard control number or voucher code.

    The most important thing is that ISE Card is accepted in Europe, America and Australia but the service of ISECard is not enough or very poor in Asian countires.

    Always present your ISE Card when traveling~!

Ask A Question

Phone: +82-1688-5578

Address: ISEC #3001 Trade Tower, 511 Yeongdong-daero, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, 06164, Rep. of KOREA

ISEC do not issue ISE Card at the above office.
Please go to issuing agent if you want to get the card within the day.

We are open from 10am — 4pm week days.