• Cards and activation

    Mobile card
    When you register the ISEC member, you will get free ISEC mobile card for a month.

    Physical card
    You can buy 1 or 1 years physical card and it will be shipped to your home within a week.

    How do I activate my card?
    To activate, visit We will check your activation and it will take a week to confirm your card. 

  • Payments

    How do I pay for my ISEC/IYEC/IFEC?
    Once your online application and submission documents are approved, you will receive a PayPal invoice. You can use your bank account, MasterCard or Visa through your PayPal account.
    However, you can register free trial for ISEC mobile card for a month.

    Are ISEC/IYEC/IFEC cards refundable?
    No. Once your card has been approved and issued, there are no refunds. 

  • Discounts

    How can I get discounts?
    ISEC(IYEC) members can get thousands student(youth) discounts around the world just showing your card when you are at the front of ticket office or vendors. But sometimes, you have to put discount code or promotional code when booking. Most discounts are offered from Europe, USA, Canada and Australia.

    Is there any age limitation with discounts?
    Some attractions, especially in France and Austria, don’t offer discounts to students over 26 years old even though they are ISEC cardholders. Make sure that there is age limitation in some area of Europe.

  • Account profile and renew

    Can I change my picture on the card?
    Once the card is issued, you cannot change any information on it. Please make sure you have to upload/send a photo that is current and high resolution.

    Can I renew my ISEC/IYEC/IFEC?
    You need to purchase a new card when the original one expires. This will ensure that all your information is correct and your photo is current.

Other ways to contact us

Give us drop by anytime, we endeavor to answer all enquiries
within 48 hours on business days.

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