Issuing Agents

You may get ISE Card easily if you visit a travel agent, study abroad company or school near you. Please ask them if ISE Card is available to issue.

There are many places where issuance has been suspended due to Covid-19. If you are in a hurry or can't get it issued, you can use ISEC online order.  

Various way to get ISECards

Online order

Get your ISE Cards at home! If you use express order. you will get the card within a week. 

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Visit an agent

If you prepare the required documents and visit an agent, you can get ISE Card issued on the same day or as soon as possible.
Please ask them if ISE Card is available to issue.

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In some countries, ISE Card is combined with bank debit card and you can enjoy both ISECard and bank debit card in one card. If you wnant them, ask your bank about the combined card.

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Only those aged 14 or older can register coupons.

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Free card

If you submit your ISE Card experience, we will extend the expiration date free of charge. Your experience will be good travel guides for the next traveler or user.

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ISE Card is your travel companion.