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Starting as the agent of ISECards, Inc(USA) in 1996, International Student Exchange Center(ISEC) strives to grow into the best certified international id card solution company in Korea and the world. Based on its long experience in providing diverse services to students and young travelers and on its long-term trust with numerous partners, it has grown ISE Cards into an internationally accepted student, youth and faculty id card available in many countries around the world. In 2015, ISEC took over ISECards, Inc. and my aim is to continue to offer vairous discounts and benefits to students and young travelers.

I look forward to your continued understanding and feedback in the future.

Thank you.
President Joon Han

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ISEC wants to help you save money and make a safe journey when you explore the world and create an experience for the future.

Also, we are trying to reduce the use of plastic cards to clean up our planet we live in, and we have developed mobile cards based on these efforts.


Social Contribution

ISEC has sponsored UNICEF since 2004. A world where children can live is a world where everyone can live. This is also in line with ISEC's mission to return the fees paid by ISEC members to society. ISEC is trying to communicate the ideology and value of UNICEF to ISEC customers.



Company established 1987
1st President, Franz Jost

ISEC is a student service idea that began in 1958 at the University of Illinois in the U.S. to help students with the financial difficulties they face when traveling. It was officially established in 1987 as an International Student Exchange Cards (ISE Cards, Inc.) corporation and has been issuing international id cards for students, youth, and faculty for about 30 years and developing a system that allows businesses and institutions around the world to receive various discounts. We also provided a 24-hour Worldwide SOS service that can help in critical situations, providing specialized services for consumer safety until 2017.

The Power of Student and Youth Market

ISEC has been issued by major travel agencies and educational institutions in about 50 countries around the world, and it has been introduced in Korea through the International Student Exchange Center (formerly ISECards Korea, Inc.) since 1996.

Korea branch opened in 1996. 
International Student Exchange Center(ISEC)

Win a lawsuit against a competitor

In September 2001, we won a lawsuit against ISIC Korea agent who criticized and promoted our international student ID ISEC as a fake international student ID. They distributed them to many places such as universities, colleges and their offices. This was a grave incident that undermined the credibility of ISEC.

ISIC's Korean agent reimburses 20 million won

In 2002, we won a compensation of 20 million won for winning a damages suit against Kises Tour and Kises Language Institute(ISIC's Korean agent), which accused ISEC of being a fake international student ID card.

Filing a complaint with the Fair Trade Commission

In 2004, we filed a complaint with the Korea Fair Trade Commission against the KISES Tour, which distributed false advertisements and promotional materials. The contents of the false advertisement are as follows. "ISIC International Student Card is only an international student id card jointly created by UNESCO and ISIC. ISEC is a fake international student card."

Combined bank card with ISE Card

In 2005, "International Student ID Card" was developed jointly with Woori Bank's Woori Card, reducing the risk and inconvenience of carrying a lot of cash, and making it possible for student travelers to use Woori Bank's financial services (VISA check card payment function and cash withdrawal service) overseas. (You can apply for a card at all branches of our bank.)

Developing a Mobile Card Solution

In 2015, ISECards, Inc. became International Student Exchange Center(ISEC) and we developed the mobile card solution.

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