ISEC is your International ID Card solution.

Why do you need an International ID Card?

Attractions, museums, tourist spots, educational destinations, and other vendors around the world offer student and youth discounts. However, most places that offer student discounts will not accept foreign school ID cards simply because there are so many schools in so many languages. As a result, they cannot keep up with the card designs and cannot distinguish which are legitimate.

To solve this problem, ISEC developed the Global Standard ID Card Solution so that a discount provider can verify the cardholder’s status easily and quickly. ISEC is globally recognized and well received by attractions around the world.

ISEC has also spent countless hours working directly with some of the most famous attractions to bring you specially negotiated discounts just for ISEC cardholders. We recommend that you show your ISEC as you travel and ask for the student or ISEC discount.




AD free International sim card offer for ISEC holders