ISEC(ISECard) IS your International Student/Youth/Faculty Identification Card.

Spain and Portugal Travel

Hello. My name is Ms.JJ Song(South Korean) and I traveled Spain and Portugal for two weeks in January 2015 with ISEC.

International Student Exchange Identity Card(ISEC) gave me so many benefits back in 2010 when I traveled some European countries, so I had to make it again.

I was a university student back then, but now I became a graduate student. This little card made me very happy because it didn’t only prove that I am a student, but it made me realize that I am still young and full of possibilities.

I traveled Barcelona, Granada, Sevilla in Spain and Porto, Lisbon in Portugal.

The first student discount with ISEC was at La Sagrada Familia. Sagrada Familia is one of the must-see cultural heritages built by Gaudi. I received €2 discount there. Sagrada Familia was different from any other cathedrals I’ve seen in Europe. I was deeply moved by its soaring spire, modern expressive techniques and construction techniques. It was inexplicably beautiful.

The biggest benefit I’ve had in Barcelona was at Picaso Museum. The entrance fee is €11, but with the ISEC I entered the Piccaso Museum for free. Other people were so jeal- ous. Right at that moment I thought it was a good decision making an ISEC.

Another place I received a discount was at Installation Art Museum on Gracia Street in Barcelona. They offer €2-3 discount if you have an ISEC. Not many people go there, but I recommend this place if you are interested in Installation Art. They have audio guide only in Spanish, so you must study the exhibition before you go there.

Now Sevilla! I had a big discount benefit at Sevilla Cathedral which is the biggest cathedral in all European countries. The entrance fee is €9, but it’s only €4 with the ISEC. They give me €5 discount :)

Then I took a night bus to Porto via Lisbon. I showed my ISEC, and they gave me a student discount. It was €17 to use a bus from Lisbon to Porto. I didn’t ask so I don’t know the actual bus fare, but I’d be happy even though it was only €1 discount.

I also had a discount benefit on the train from Porto to Lisbon. Again I don’t know the actual fare but the discount price was €23. €23 itself isn’t that cheap so it didn’t matter how much discount I had. I was just happy that I could receive a discount.

I am a graduate school student and also elementary school teacher actually. So I didn’t think ISEC would be helpful in the beginning because I am financially somewhat stable. But as I plan my trip, I had to save every penny. Now I look back and think it was a great decision making an ISEC because I had various benefits while traveling. Like an old saying “Many a little makes a nickle,” I could save a lot with a little bit of discounts here and there.

The price is expensive in big cities like Barcelona, and you want to buy many things and eat a lot when you travel. I think it’s a great idea to buy one more souvenir or taste one more dish with the money you save with ISEC.

I strongly recommend you make ISEC. Don’t worry that you might not get enough discount benefits. You’ll save a whole lot of money with it like I did.


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